Jess Torres, Registered Veterinary Technician and Education Manager

I started my veterinary career in 2011 as an assistant in wildlife rescue and in a small animal general practice. In 2016, I became an RVT and started working in emergency and critical care. I am currently finishing a M.S. in Biology at Sonoma State University studying environmental DNA sampling applications for our local population of California Tiger Salamanders. While completing my thesis, I found that I really enjoyed being a teaching associate and that, ultimately, I want to become a professor of biology and/or veterinary technology. In the meantime, I am thankful for the opportunity to direct the training, education, and development of our amazing team at Truvet.

I have two crazy canines and five perfect felines at home that I am crazy about. In my free time, I enjoy being a nerdy biologist, bowling with friends, hiking, and snuggling with my furry companions.