Jenna Back, Veterinary Assistant

Ever since I was a kid I have felt deep compassion for animals. In high school I did my senior project in veterinary medicine with the intention of going to vet school. I took a different route after high school trying to decide how much school I wanted to put myself through. I ended up finding my way back to the veterinary field after a few years of trying different classes in college. I started working in the field in May of 2015. I finished the veterinary technician program at SRJC in 2017. We all have different personalities in this field some shy some more outgoing but one common ground we all share is that we see your loved one as one of our own. Whether a cat, a dog, big or small we are here to give them unconditional love and care.

Outside of work I spend the majority of my time with my husband and two cats (Terrance and Phillip). I recently started a fresh water aquarium and I am trying to always keep my fish happy and healthy. I enjoy hiking, the ocean (especially when it’s raining) and playing video games.

Thank you for entrusting us with your loved one.