Dr. Nathalie Drexler, Emergency Veterinarian, DVM

Dr. Drexler grew up predominately bi-coastal and bi-continental (U.S. and Hungary). But her domiciles weren’t only limited to those postal codes. After graduating Wesleyan University with a BA from International Politics and American University with a MA in International Communication/Journalism, she spent the next twenty years working as a photojournalist/copywriter around the world from Zimbabwe, The Netherlands, United Arab Emirates and Vietnam to name but a few milieus before she changed careers and pursued her childhood dream of veterinary medicine. It was her mentor in Vietnam, Dr. Nghia, that not only helped her and a group of women form Vietnam’s first animal rescue program, Animal Rescue & Care (ARC) but encouraged her to apply to veterinary school. She went on to graduate from University of Florida as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 2021 with a specialization in Shelter Medicine.

Dr. Drexler currently lives in Healdsburg with her fiancée, 2 Old English Mastiffs (courtesy of Mastiff Rescue of Florida) and their sassy barn cat, Sootsie. In her free time she enjoys exploring all corners of the earth, open water swimming and growing hot peppers with a six-digit Scoville rating.