COVID-19 Information

Currently, we are still offering curbside service ONLY. Initial check-in will take place over the phone or via text upon arrival. A technician will then gather your pet at the car and bring them into the hospital for an exam. The doctor will perform an exam and contact you by phone.

We are excited and hopeful that we will be able to open the hospital fully to clients in the near future. Due to staffing restraints we are unable to offer that service currently. Please note, we are allowing clients of hospitalized pets to visit their pets in the hospital.

For emergency services, please be aware that patients will be triaged according to need. Critically ill patients will be seen first. Please also be aware that the specialty services (surgery and internal medicine) do see appointments, and those pets are brought in during their appointment time. These cases do not affect the timing of being seen by the ER service.

Concierge Check-In Protocols

  1. Park in numbered parking spaces in front of the TruVet building.
  2. If your pet is experiencing an emergency, please call the TruVet number (707) 787-5340 to let a TruVet staff member know that you have arrived.
    a. The TruVet staff will collect the following information via phone or text:
    i. Name of client and patient
    ii. Parking space and type of car
    iii. The reason for coming to TruVet (presenting complaint).
    iv. Contact information
  3. If you are here for a scheduled appointment, please text (707) 787-5340 with your name, your pet’s name, your parking space number, and the color and make of your vehicle.
  4. A TruVet staff member will meet you at the car and will bring your pet inside. Dogs will be brought inside using a TruVet leash while cats will be brought inside using the owner’s carrier.
  5. The animal will be assessed by the TruVet staff and communications from this point on will take place over the phone including historical information, results of the exam, recommendations, and estimates for care.
  6. Consent for treatment and estimates for care will be signed using a mobile device that will be brought to your car by a TruVet staff member.
  7. Once you have spoken to a Veterinarian and signed all required paperwork and estimates, you may leave the premises while your pet is being treated. This plan needs to be communicated clearly between you and the TruVet staff.
  8. Upon returning to the hospital for pick-up of your pet, please park your car and text the TruVet number (707) 787-5340 to let them know you have arrived.
  9. Check-out will take place at your vehicle using a mobile device. Following check-out, your pet will be brought to the you by a TruVet staff member.